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25 years ago, I had an idea; what if a newspaper were to be in comics? So without any experience in the publishing industry, I began a monthly news magazine in 1991, called, “The World in Pictures” (this was in Mumbai, India). I ran it for 2 years and then as a 1-man show just couldn’t go on. So I shut it down…but never lost the dream for it.

Around 50, when we men go through a mid-life crisis, I went through mine and thought about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So I am back for a second innings, hopefully wiser and wealthier and this time, I wont stop. However, as a creator, I have now reached the limit of my personal funds and while I could go on publishing 4-5 videos a month, I want to do more and become an authentic news broadcast channel, with unbiased news and in-depth reporting.

My name is not really Bisbo. There’s a story behind the name, just as we all have many stories in our own lives. I will at some point tell you patrons about the story and also reveal my real name to some of my top patrons, but until then being mysterious adds to the whole story!

I thank you for reading all this and hope to receive your support. If not, please continue to see my videos, give your comments and basically have a fun time watching. For those who contribute, they are walking with me and will be part of my incredible journey called life!

Presently, I have 2 channels; English & Hindi. Please mention in your contribution which channel you wish to support. Thank you.

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